Celebrity Food Face Show 2

Everyone thinks that celebrities are famous because of their contacts in Hollywood or worse talent. Actually it’s neither. It’s the food they eat. Comedian Jon Pirincci shows you in a few minutes that anyone can do their favorite celebrity by certain foods that eat. You will see Owen Wilson, Sly Stallone, Al Pacino, The Three Stooges, Curley and many more. Have a few laughs and grab something to eat after you watch to do your favorite celebrity.

Celebrity Food Face Show 1

Comedian-Impressionist Jon Pirincci comes back and does a new version of celebrities eating food.You will see Trump, Al Bundy, Seth Rogan, Springsteen, DeNiro, Bruce Willis, Terminator and many other famous characters and TV Film stars eat their favorite foods.

Classic Rags to Riches by Tony Bennett

Jay has publicly never sang a song, especially on TV at least until now. Comedian Jon Pirincci has done it for him. Its from the Classic Rags to Riches by Tony Bennett. That fits Jay since he did go from rags to 30 Million a year on the Tonight Show. Have a hew laughs and sing along with him.

Jon Pirincci does Vishnu Patel

We all Love Indian Food, but we don’t love the way they sing unless you watch Comedian/Impressionist Jon Pirincci does Vishnu Patel sing the classic Love song by Lou Rawls. Sing along when you can…and have some curry on us.

Celebrity Sings Show 2

Al Pacino was the Great Tony Montana as Scarface. You never saw the emotional side of him, until now. Falling in love with Michelle Pfeiffer..he sings her the classic 50s song. This is yet another Song Parody by comedian Jon Pirincci.

Celebrity Sings Show 1

If the Terminator could sing…what would he sound like?? Then what if he sang Tom Petty?Well here is the only version on You Tube. Comedian/Impressionist Jon Pirincci takes you there and back.