Phonees is a Sitcom taking place in a Telemarketing Firm Starring Danny Woodburn (Mickey from SEINFELD), and a wonderful Cast of Actors and StandUp Comedians.

Jon Pirincci plays Robert Deniro in a parody called the Badfellows about a his wacky assistant. They don’t really get along because DeNiro’s Mr. Conway is old school and likes to eat. Not sandwiches. REAL FOOD.


Comedian/Impressionist Jon Pirincci shows us his talent a the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood, California. He talks about acting in Jersey Boys,Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas, Rocky Balboa, and others.

Everyone thinks that celebrities are famous because of their contacts in Hollywood or worse talent. Actually it’s neither. It’s the food they eat. Comedian Jon Pirincci shows you in a few minutes that anyone can do their favorite celebrity by certain foods that eat. You will see Owen Wilson, Sly Stallone, Al Pacino, The Three Stooges, Curley and many more. Have a few laughs and grab something to eat after you watch to do your favorite celebrity.