Jon started as a stand-up comedian traveling to multiple cities all over the country performing his act with some of the top comedians in the business, like Jay Leno, Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Gardell, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and many more. He is a seasoned impressionist as well. As a commercial actor, he has booked a collection of national commercials, most notably working with Ellen DeGeneres on “American Express” and “JC Penney”. As a feature film actor, Jon has worked for Warner Bros “Jersey Boys” under the direction of Clint Eastwood, starring Christopher Walken, to being featured with Christian Bale in Canterbury Glass, Don Cheadle in Black Monday, Will Ferrell in Easy Mark and Christina Hendricks in Good Girls. Jon has played unforgettable roles in many independent films, and, has his own web series he produced and starred in. His versatile look can place him anywhere as a funny office worker, doctor, lawyer, gangster, etc., but most notable he is a Joe Pesci, spot on.

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